Mikael Edholm has written extensively on topics ranging from Manufacturing Automation and Open Systems to Network Management and Industry Scenarios for the Future. While many articles explain technological advances, others take a broader view and examine various aspects of the impact of technology.

The articles and essays have appeared in numerous publications, covering a wide variety of audiences. Below you will find some representative examples.

General Publications

The New, New Economy
[Wireless Business Now Magazine, June 2001]    Article

Fictional Futures
[PriceWaterhouseCoopers InfoComm Review, October 1998]  Article

Re-defining Management Systems; the TMOS evolution
[Ericsson Review, December 1994] Article

Interoperability in Broadband Networks

[Presented at Interoperability '94, Sophia Antipolis, France]   Paper

Trade Press

Redefining Management Systems, [Global Communications, October 1995] Article

Removing the Brakes on Network and Service Growth
[Telecommunications Development Asia-Pacific, June 1994] Article


Handbook of Networking and Connectivity,  ed. G McClain
[Academic Press, 1994] Chapter

The Transparent Market,  by M Larsson and D Lundberg
[McMillan, 1998]  Foreword


Pa jakt efter faktorer for framgang, Kontakten, March 1999  (in Swedish)

"New board member..." , Press Release, April 2000


Innovation and Competence Building, Ministerio da Ciencia e Tecnologia, Portugal, June 2001 

The global impact of converging technologies, Smeal College of Business, February 2003

The future of the future, Verve Newsletter, December 2003

Horizon 10 Workshop, Industrial Designer's Association of America, June 2004