Mikael Edholm is a frequent speaker at executive seminars around the world. Among his corporate clients you will find several household names. ABB, ABN Amro, BHP Billiton, Boeing, Ericsson, HPLucent, Rockwell and Saudi Aramco are just a few of the many well known companies he has been working with.

The executive seminars are often arranged in cooperation with leading universities and research institutes. Columbia Business School, Duke, Penn State, Stockholm School of Economics and the Institute for the Future are some that may be familiar to you.

In the Media Gallery you can view excerpts from  lectures recorded at Penn State's Smeal College of Business. The topics range from Entrepreneurship to Creative Destruction, from Convergence to Industry Re-structuring, from Technology Adoption to Future Scenarios.

Presented in an easy style, yet clear and succinct, the speeches draw upon two decades of hands-on management experience in the technology industries. With a firm grasp of the latest research findings, Mr. Edholm briskly moves from analyzing historical events to explaining present day challenges, as well as to predicting the opportunities ahead..