During the past decade, Mr. Edholm traveled extensively throughout the world. Most years saw him log in excess of 300,000 miles of flights between January and December. Always gathering first-hand information from key industry sources, and in return providing up-to-the minute analysis of current events.

To date, nearly one hundred countries have become part of his itinerary, providing him with an ever broadening perspective of the global technology industry. In addition, Mr. Edholm has acquired a  deep knowledge of the regional and local circumstances that really matter to the businesses he serves.

Mr Edholm is a frequent speaker not only at in-house corporate events, but also at many industry gatherings. The format varies; sometimes it’s a trade show, a symposium or a conference. At other times it’s a brief talk, a panel discussion or an interview.

In the Media Gallery you will find examples of presentations given at various locations around the globe.